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Experience the Future of eSign with Certinal's Live Demonstration

3rd October 2023, Tuesday
02:00 PM EDT | 01:00 PM CDT | 11:00 AM PDT
4th October 2023, Wednesday
4:30 PM AEDT | 1:30 PM SST | 1:30 PM PST | 1:30 PM MST
5th October 2023, Thursday
12:30 PM CEST | 04:00 PM IST | 02:30 PM GST



Ashutosh Kumar

Solutions Consultant,

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C-Suite has unmet needs which are limiting their effectiveness here are common challenges that have been observed.

  • eSignatures, A new big cost line : Enterprises are unaware of hidden cost, TCO & paying for the brand name of oligopoly vendors.
  • Lack of Governance: Multiple signature types at multiple locations, governed by disparate laws, disparate tech stack.
  • Fragmented, Low usage, and Penetration: Federated usage leading to continuous leakage & no single-point visibility, with less than 10% penetration.

Join us for a 30-minute demonstration of Certinal's eSignature solution. During this demo, you'll get a glimpse into the new world of possibilities in eSign including:

  • A sneak peek into Certinal's eSign solution.
  • Learn from a case study on how the largest car manufacturer in North America made the switch from a legacy vendor to Certinal.
  • How Certinal's disruptive pricing models have resulted in savings of over 50% for clients.
  • Certinal future roadmap with – Certinal eSign app for Salesforce and Microsoft, Form management solution and AI powered eSignature.
  • Save time and effort with Certinal's 106-point eSign Ready RFP Template, so you don't have to start from scratch.